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Learn about our Analytics Programs

Are you interested in our Data Analytics programs?

  • The Data Minor, an undergraduate minor program that teaches students the basics of applied data science.
  • The Master’s Program in Data Analytics and Applied Social Research, a graduate program that trains students to blend the tools of social science methodology and data science to create usable information for real world enterprises.
  • The Accelerated Master’s Program, which allows students to work towards their Master’s degree in Data Analytics and Applied Social Research while completing their undergrad program. By integrating your work in the Data Minor and Graduate Program, you are able to graduate with both your undergraduate and graduate degree in less line.

Prospective Students’ Information Sessions

Come visit the Data Analytics and Applied Social Research programs’ Prospective Students’ Information Sessions. In these sessions, we will:

  • Introduce students to the program
  • Discuss whether our programs are a good fit for students’ personal plans
  • Offer general guidance with data analysis-related careers
  • On-the-spot declaration and paperwork completion to register for the Data Minor
  • On-the-spot applications to the Data Analytics & Applied Social Research graduate program

The session will be headed by faculty who direct these programs, teach core courses, and often supervise and advise for Master’s theses.

Please Join Us

We have two sessions scheduled. Both will take place during the Free Hour (12:15 PM – 1:30 PM)

  • Tuesday, March 26 in Powdermaker 333
  • Wednesday, April 3 at a Powdermaker 252

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