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Data Analytics Course Offerings

NOTICE: Some courses may not be offered every semester. 
DATA 710 Basic Analytics (FALL ONLY):
Introductory course in statistics. This course focuses on basic statistical concepts and analytical techniques with an emphasis on application to real-world problems and issues. It is the first in a two-semester sequence. Emphasizes describing and summarizing data, statistical inference procedures and reasoning, and use of statistical software analysis.
DATA 712 Advanced Analytics (SPRING ONLY):
An examination of advanced statistical methods, inference, and multivariate techniques, such as ANOVA, linear regression, and logistic regression. PRE-REQ: DATA 710
DATA 716 Professional Writing and Communications:
An applied course stressing succinct and meaningful communication. This course will include proposals, analytical reports, and presentations. Essential concepts will be drawn from a wide variety of professional experiences 
DATA 734 Applied Social Research in Marketing l (FALL ONLY):
A survey of the techniques used in marketing research with an emphasis on developing skills needed to carry out research
DATA 735 Applied Social Research in Marketing ll (SPRING ONLY):
Continuation of DATA 734. Students carry out a marketing research project. PRE-REQ: DATA 734  OR DATA 754
DATA 754 Applied Social Research l (FALL ONLY):
Special topics in Applied Social Research
DATA 755 Applied Social Research ll (SPRING ONLY):
Continuation of special topics in Applied Social Research. PRE-REQ: DATA 754 OR DATA 734
DATA 765 Special Topics in Research Methods:
Special topics in research methods. This course may be repeated for credit by permission of the department as the topic changes.
DATA 790 Seminar in Selected Topics in Sociology: 
This course may be repeated for credit by permission of the department as the topic changes.
DATA 791 Tutorial:
Permission of the director of graduate program in Sociology Independent study under the guidance of faculty advisor. 
DATA 793 Thesis Research:
Completion of all other course requirements. Student will carry out a research project, which will culminate in a master’s thesis or a research report of comparable significance.